Sad News

It is with mixed feelings that I post the following update.  After much soul searching and discussion with my family, I have decided to close For Baby with Love.  The demands on my time by my family have become greater than expected and I can no longer dedicate the quality time my customers deserve.

It has been 5 wonderful years and we have the best customers we could have ever asked for.  I do hope that this will only be a temporary closure and once I have more time to dedicate back to the business that I will be able to reopen, offering the quality products and service that we were once known for.

I send you all my most sincere thanks for your patronage and support and encourage you to take advantage of our sale.  Most items in the store are being sold at a greatly reduced price.  Once they are gone, that will be it.


Spring has sprung and it’s time for us to do some spring cleaning! We’re making room for new and exciting products and to do that all our inventory is now an AMAZING 40% off. Hurry and shop now as many items will not be restocked; once they’re gone, they’re gone.

We just received quite a few FuzziBunz® one-size diapers.  We will be posting them online this afternoon as well as posting our newly created packages for the one-size diapers!  You can see our in stock diapers here and you can see our new packages here

Yup!  We’re giving away a FREE Mommy Necklace.  How do you win?  Simply be the 15th person to order a Mommy Necklace before March 21st and we’ll give you a Mommy Necklace of your choosing for FREE!

We’re so excited to announce that we will soon be adding Mommy Necklaces™ to our store!

Mommy Necklaces™ are an innovative and trendy accessory for the nursing mom. In 2005, Mommy Necklaces™ began revolutionizing the way that necklaces were worn by moms by creating a necklace designed to be worn while nursing, simply a “nursing necklace”. Mommy Necklaces™ aid nursing mothers by making their job as a breastfeeding mom a little less painful, literally. Created by a nursing mother who tired of the daily wrestling match between baby & breast, along with her daughter’s constant twiddling, pinching and distractibility, Mommy Necklaces™ were invented to occupy busy hands away from things such as Mommy’s hairline while engaging baby in a way that results in longer nursing sessions.

We will be taking pre-orders until March 21, 2010 and for a LIMITED time we will be offering 99 cent shipping on Mommy Necklaces.


While having a baby 5  years after the twins has given me challenges I wouldn’t have expected, it has also provided me with the opportunity to try out diapers that weren’t on the market when the twins were still in diapers.  I’m having a lot of fun trying out all the new fluff and I thought I would share my thoughts on some of them.

In keeping with our Canadian pride theme, the first diaper I am going to review is none other than the AppleCheeks™ diapering system.

AppleCheeks™ are a breakthrough in cloth diapering. Taking advantage of recent advances in the textile industry, they combine form with function, providing you with the best fitting, most-effective reusable diaper on the market to date.
All AppleCheeks™ cloth diapers and accessories are proudly designed and manufactured in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and have been tested on their own babies!

While AppleCheeks™ boast a larger weight spread for their 2 sizes of diapers, I’m finding that their size 1 diaper fits the same as any other small sized diaper on the market.  Piper weighs 14lbs and is already on the largest setting.  She’s only in the 50% percentile for growth so she’s not an overly robust baby.  However, the thing I LOVE about AppleCheeks™, that other manufacturers don’t offer, is their extender tabs.  With these tabs I can prolong the use of the size 1 diaper by getting 2 extra snap adjustments on the diaper.  Extender tabs come in the 10 permanent colours and you can mix and match for ultimate cuteness!

I do find the AppleCheeks™ bulkier than some of the other diapers on the market but their performance is outstanding!  I have not experienced any leaks or “poosplosions” in the AppleCheeks™.  Overall I’m very impressed with these diapers.  Piper likes them too!  I have only used the system as a traditional “pocket” diaper; but, I LOVE that you can choose to use them as a cover and insert and change only the insert.  The ratio for using the AppleCheeks™ system this way is 3 covers : 9 inserts, cutting the cost of diapering your baby significantly and making AppleCheeks™ one of the more affordable cloth diapering systems on the market.

Since I like this diaper so much, I want you to try it out and I’m giving one away FREE!  When we reach 500 fans on Facebook we will randomly draw a winner for 1 AppleCheeks™ cover and insert.  The winner can pick their size, colour and insert fiber (bamboo, 2-layer hemp or 3-layer hemp).  Become a fan today for your chance to win!

As I watched the olympics last night and Alexandre Bilodeau bring home the first Gold ever on Canadian soil, I was filled with a sense of pride so overwhelming it brought me to tears. I’ve always been proud to be Canadian and try to shop Canadian made first and foremost. Unfortunately in these economic times finding products that haven’t been manufacturerd overseas is becoming increasingly difficult. That is why I think we should showcase those products that are made in Canada. For the remainder of the olympics we will be offering 30% off all Canadian-made products in store! Show your Canadian pride by supporting our economy. Use coupon code “canuk-eh!” to receive your discount.